Children's House
Children's House
Our goal is to give quality education to the most underprivileged children as possible
Women at Mitz
Women at Mitz
We want to give working opportunities to under educated women through entrepreneurial endeavors
Taking Care of Our Planet
Taking Care of Our Planet
By reutilizing left over industrial materials we create original products


Aideé Santiago: Final details. My name is Aideé Santiago Péres, my sons are Julio César López Santiago, who is 17 years old, and Melissa Juceay who is 12. I am part of Fundación Mitz since August 2012. My job is to craft the final details to the production. I have the opportunity to work by…

Mariana Padrón: Prototype and design. Hi, my name is Mariana Padrón and I’m 33. I have been part of Fundación Mitz for the past 9 years, I am part of the prototypes and inventory department, as well as quality control. I like it because I can have flexible schedules and I’ve been part of the…

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About Mitz

Mitz is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities, education and sustainable production models to improve people’s quality of life.

Main objectives:

  • Create job opportunities for disadvantaged communities.
  • Award scholarships for children living in these communities.
  • Promote industrial waste transformation to create socially awareness and ecological crafted products.

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